Sunday, March 21, 2010

No thumbs.

Sometimes it is good not to have any thumbs. While my pets slave away packing for our long trip, I spent today chasing the biggest jackrabbit I have ever seen. Yesterday I saw a squirrel. It has been a long winter and they have been- well I dont know or I would be chasing them. I was sweating it pretty good until today because I know we were low on dogfood and my favorite beefmeat treats. I heard my pets talking about how expensive the beefmeat ones were getting and since they haven't learned dog yet I have had to drop subtle hints about my preferences. They seem annoyed when I spit out the other plain biscuits and wait for the beefmeat ones first (of course afterwards I finish up the plain ones), but they seemed to have gotten the message because I smelled a box of beefmeat biscuits in the back of the car along side the dogfood today. I guess they aren't so dumb after all.

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