Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roadtrip update

We started this roadtrip in May. We spent the first month in Bullhead City, not an exciting destination, but we had to work and get our feet wet. This whole trip has actually been about getting our feet wet. There are many things we had not considered before we left. It is actually funny how many times we have had to downsize during a trip. Reservations are guaranteed, so you would think, and everything costs twice as much as expected. But it has still been fun. Washington was pretty and we caught up with old friends. I was sick the whole time we were there. They were gracious. We went to Socal from there and weave in and out of there several times a month. We went to the Alien festival over the 4th. What a kick. It was really small. The parade we waited an hour to see had 8 entries. The BBQ had 2 vebdors and they were out of food. But there were plenty of photo ops. Mattie was the hit. She painted herself silver. Only a few people even dressed up so people were stopping her constantly to take her picture. We are in Socal now. We went to Solvang last week,tasty place. I will update more frequently from this point on. Going to Bullhead and Flagstaff next.